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This is an entry for Ludum Dare 35. The theme is 'shapeshift'.

The game is, loosely, a tower defense style game. The first thirty seconds are used to place towers using the grip buttons on the Vive controller. Towers are placed below the controller as indicated by the line and target. During the attack phase, enemies will spawn and attempt to reach your town's gate. Towers will attack them.

Enemies are disguised shapeshifters, either vampires, werewolves, or aliens. Different tower types do more or less damage depending on the type of enemy. The player has three spells which will reveal (and do damage to) enemies, allowing the player to adjust their towers' damage types to match.

If you don't have an HTC Vive (which we totally understand), you can check out a gameplay video here:


Art: Kaly Dumesnil

Programming: Evan Nickerson & Keegan van der Laag

Sound: Keegan van der Laag


3D Assets from this game are available for download on Sketchfab! Here's a sample level created from these assets:

There Are Monsters - Level by There Are Monsters (VRJAM16) on Sketchfab


ThereAreMonsters.zip 15 MB


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That was tons of fun! I liked being able to place the tower where ever and being able to grip it to change it's type.

Thanks for the neat Vive game!


Thanks for giving it a shot! It all came together pretty quick, so we're glad to see people enjoying it.

Damn this looks so fun but I don't have a Vive~! Hope I get a chance to check it out on Monday.

Unfortunately, we're a bunch of filthy Canadians, so we won't be at the showcase. Sad face.

Guess I'll just have to get a vive then! :)